#Foxie logotype

What can't Mr Bad do in #Foxie?

Is erotica tolerated?

Gropes, kisses, talk about naughty things are OK but please, don't give too many details. If asked, do it in private.

No personal attacks

Talking about past grudges or posting logs in channel will only break the nice ambience in #Foxie. If you must talk to someone about this, do it privatly please. Not everyone will have the same problems with that person.

No nickname abuse

You must be you. Hiding behind a nick to eventually harrass or get information about somefox can get you in trouble, and not only with #Foxie's administrators. It is only tolerated if you make clear that "it" is you, or a clone of you for role-playing purposes. And no hackerz nicknames like F0|x3u||on. Only one nickname will get ops.

No excessive idling

Excessive idling in the channel is not a very foxy thing and hurts the continuinity of the channel. We ask you to avoid doing this.

Also please note: we are also bound by Furnet's code of conduct.

If you have any questions feel free to contact admins in channel.