#Foxie logotype

FoxieBOT, the channel management system

Users registration in FoxieBOT is automatic, don't beg for Ops. You will get Ops if the bot thinks you deserve it.

NOTE: Don't fight with FoxieBOT, you will always lose! If a problem occurs, ask a bot admin. Deopping or kicking FoxieBOT will only lead you to lose your Ops. It's a normal security behaviour. We're tweaking FoxieBOT as time passes, so, please report abnormal behaviour.

Classic "seen" command

- "seen [user]" in the channel will tell you last time [user] was seen in #Foxie


- 1st, open a query to FoxieBOT : /query FoxieBOT

top10 #foxie lists the top10 users in the channel
top20 #foxie same as top10, but lists the top20 (surprise!)
stat #foxie [user] shows the statistics for the user
place #foxie [user] shows on which place the user is
ttop10 / !ttop20 / !tstat / !tplace same as above, but only uses the statistics of today
wordstats #foxie [user] lists the most used words of the user
topwords #foxie lists the most used words in the channel

Yerf IT!

This function is *only* for registered users with Op or Voice!

- 1st, open a query to FoxieBOT : /query FoxieBOT

Say anything else than existing commands, FoxieBOT will repeat in the channel.
Anybody can stop Yerf IT! for some minutes with the command "stop"